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We run yesterday a workshop on transformative leadership for Capacity Zurich with Anna Stando. One of the tools and lessons learned related to our entrepreneurial journeys is the so-called "creative confidence". Many years ago, I came across this notion when a magical book landed in my lap and became one of the most important books for me in the years...Read More

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This week I'm reflecting on creativity, entrepreneurship, and communication. Three things that I have been focusing on (to many different extents) over the last five years. You see, I got invited to speak to the university students about the lessons of my entrepreneurial journey. It has already been over five years since I started.  Today, I think of what would...Read More

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I had this palm face or face palm 🙈 moment at the end of May when I opened the door of my apartment after a month of constant traveling and just faced the reality of it: Messy, dirty (the apartment), and the never-ending to-do list - also messy and dirty💡 Ideas lying on the floor 💡💡 Ideas screaming from the...Read More

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I'm writing these lines from a train between Bern and Geneva, Switzerland. It's very early in the morning, and for every night owl like myself, it can be challenging (this is an example of a 1st world problem - just for your reference). People, I missed it. I missed traveling a lot, and even after spending the whole month of...Read More

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Here are a few reflections about the creativity, pandemic, and co-creation of the future after visiting Davos & WEF, sharing my ideas on this topic, and still being stunned after the whole week. What happens in Davos, shouldn’t stay in Davos. 2020 was one of the best years of my life. I know that this is not a very common...Read More

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I woke up today to the choir of singing birds. Listening to their diverse voices made me think of the power of creativity and the uniqueness of each of us and everything we are surrounded by. I realized that birds, like all of us, are making their songs up in the process of singing. Spring… A shiny blue sky, warm...Read More

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You’re not creative. Here are the reasons: You always have been told so (this applies to most of us).The schools you attended didn’t support arts & creativity. They basically killed your creativity - to quote the famous creativity expert Sir Ken Robinson.Creative "stuff" was always stigmatized - to quote my favorites: It is impossible to make money with creative endeavors,...Read More

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We sit outside in the circle on the blankets. Flames are dancing in a bonfire and singing unsung songs to the sun. Many leaves coordinating their dance with the wind finally found their way to the ground. The sun has already managed to wrap itself in a blanket and go to bed. Autumn. It is chilly. The cold decided to...Read More

On the responsibility of creativity

When I met Cathlene for the first time, I was deeply touched by the authenticity, talents and trust she gives to other people and the world despite many life adventures, circumstances and challenges she faced. So when she invited me to speak at her podcast "Create Imperfect Anyway" about one of my favorite topics (surprise, surprise) creativity, I couldn't wait...Read More