You will:

  • learn composition (the design in your canvas),
  • discover the contrast in your composition (between shapes, forms, colors),
  • explore the power of colors (value, saturation, temperature, harmony, complements),
  • learn how to create shadows, depth, and 3D effect,
  • work with texture (marks, shapes, and forms),
  • see how to work with masking tape,
  • learn how to take the risk in your art and “put your soul” on the canvas (finding your own style, uniqueness),
  • spend creative hours with our Creator of November 2019 Ana Paz.

More about Ana and her creative journey HERE

Additional information


On request

What is included?

All painting materials (1 large canvas)
Drinks, snacks, one meal


Bederstrasse 82
Zürich 8002


No prior painting experience necessary


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