You will:

  • enjoy 1:1, 2-hours long creative session
  • get fundamentals of drawing
  • learn the following elements of drawing: line, shape, proportion, perspective, composition
  • dig deeper to topics like measuring objects and compositions
  • learn how to find basic geometric shapes, how to draw with the grid method
  • get exclusive insight into the art theory of how artists see the world
  • discover how developing your drawing skill can be the most beneficial for you: its therapeutic effect (art therapy), building self-confidence, developing cognitive abilities and more
  • be guided through the process of drawing a fully shaded still life by our Creator of December 2018 Aleksandra Bzdzikot

More about Aleksandra and her creative journey HERE

Additional information


On request

What to bring?

a pencil, an eraser, and a sharpener. The best is to have 2 pencils: B2/B/H and B4/B6.

What is included?

coffee, tea, water



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