Our Creator of March 2019

Consuelo Keller

I am an archaeologist turned digital artisan. I create 3D printed and handcrafted jewelry and objects. In 2013 I founded my label [ digimorphé ] with the aim to explore the possibilities and the aesthetics offered by creative coding and digital fabrication to create a new generation of jewelry. 

My passion goes into transforming intangible constructs into tangible accessories that enhance the wearer’s uniqueness, individuality, and freedom of expression. My creations are digital artifacts that combine advanced technology with traditional craftsmanship: they start with algorithms and sketches of digital models that ultimately become 3D printed jewels and objects carefully finished by hand. 

A short interview with Consuelo

Why do I organize workshops?

Today designing digitally and producing physical artifacts through 3D printing is becoming more and more accessible and this opens up manifold possibilities, for industries as well as for creative individuals. I love to share my passion for digital design and fabrication in lectures and workshops. In this workshop I share the basic knowledge necessary to be able to further navigate the manifold resources available and continue the creative journey for themselves.

What will you learn at my workshops?

In my hands-on workshop you will learn how to digitally design a personal accessory like a pendant for a necklace or a keychain, ready to be 3D printed. 
You don’t need to have previous 3D modeling skills; together we will go through the different steps necessary to design your personal accessory. You will have a digital file of your design, ready to be transmitted to a 3D printer, and you will learn the possibilities available for 3D printing your design in the material you choose and transforming your idea in a real, tangible object.

Design Your Accessory for 3D Printing

You will...

  • get a basic understanding of different digital design and digital fabrication (3D printing) methods and tools
  • gain knowledge for designing digitally a personal accessory like a pendant for a necklace or a keychain using tools freely available online
  • create a digital file of the own object
  • learn the possibilities available for 3D printing the personal object
  • spend a creative 4 hours session

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