Dear Fellow Creator...

Are you feeling a subtle spark within you, a subtle whispering in your ear, nudging you towards a realm of creativity that you haven’t explored yet? Perhaps it’s just a flicker right now, but we’d like to fan that spark into a glorious flame. We invite you to journey with us, to discover the limitless creative potential waiting for you amidst the rich artistic heritage of Switzerland, the very place that gave birth to the concept of Creative Switzerland.

Let us take you through our inception story.

Creative Switzerland, a concept that sprouted years ago, finally found the right soil and conditions to grow and flourish in 2017. That year, my life presented me with a unique blend of challenges and changes that propelled me towards redefining my career trajectory. Life had thrown me a curveball; I was in a new continent, jobless, and bewildered about the path forward – it was a low point like no other. However, it was also an unprecedented launchpad, an opportunity to spring into the future.


Iwona Fluda – the Founder of Creative Switzerland

My interest gravitated towards education, and a fortunate series of events led me to a remarkable platform – a Conference on Education at the United Nations in Geneva. There, I had the privilege of sharing my insights about the triple pillars of education as I perceive them: Creativity, Entrepreneurship, and Intercultural Communication.

This transformational journey has fueled the mission of Creative Switzerland – to inspire, ignite, and nurture the creative spirit within you. So, come, join us on this exploratory journey of self-discovery and creative expansion.

My deep reflection on these topics enabled me to incorporate all three powers into my business and life. They soon became the foundation stones for Creative Switzerland. Our mission is to boost creativity all around Switzerland and beyond, empower local communities, and build bridges and intercultural understanding between nations, and to preserve the cultural heritage of Switzerland.

Our values

Every person is innately creative. Being creative means to think and act outside of one’s comfort zone, to playfully question accepted truths, and to envision the world differently. Creativity is the best friend of Innovation. 

Creativity can also be your best friend. And that’s a relationship we’re here to encourage. 

Our workshops will help you to unleash your creative potential, and give you the tools to find creative confidence in your life.

Being an entrepreneur means to bring about real change and development. It also means to create, to learn how to take responsibility, how to become a leader, and how to fail and start over – without feeling guilty. 

We’re here to support creative entrepreneurs throughout Switzerland! We promote your creative services and connect you with your customers. 

Our job is to give you the tools to achieve your entrepreneurial success.

Intercultural communication is a vital component of social and economic development. Our world is broader and more connected than ever before, and nurturing public awareness and curiosity about different cultures is no longer a mere “nice to have” – it’s a necessity. 

We’re here to promote the beauty of diversity and the significance of preserving cultural heritage! Our workshops offer high-quality, authentic exposure to a wide array of cultures, and are guaranteed to help you develop cross-cultural competencies, understanding how diversity helps us build a better world together.


I would like to thank all the beautiful people out there – the mentors, the naysayers, the coaches, the creative communities around the world, the friends and professors – for supporting us on this fascinating journey to bring more creativity to the world & to preserve our cultural heritage. Especially a big thank you to our creators and all the participants of our creative workshops! Thank you for making Creative Switzerland possible. 

May the force and creativity be with all of you.

Iwona Fluda – the Founder of Creative Switzerland (June 2019)