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The following text was written by the AI between my ears.

There are so many things I considered to write about today. Too many of them waiting in a queue for their time, too many will be fast forgotten in the giant trash bin of unnecessary thoughts, and a few will be deeply considered. And the one today just won my attention.

This Creative Bite is brought to you by my future self. As I prepare for my next keynote: To be or not to be: Mastering the Age of AI with Creativity, I cannot help but think about all the potential of new technologies.

And here is a small disclaimer: I still refuse to think about all the shadowy parts and all the unknowns that will arrive sooner than we think. So today, I imagine a world with AI where it will free up our time, we will be financially abundant, and we will focus on what matters the most.

But I wouldn’t spoil you with my upcoming speech today. – It’s always a secret what I will talk about at conferences anyway. Today, I will share something else…

As I have been on this planet for a little while now, I have my very own understanding of what matters. And throughout the last three years, I have learned in somehow painful ways that…

what matters most is time and how I spend it.

You see, I spent so much time in situations and relationships: private and business, that didn’t bring me anything more than anxiety and stress. I spent too many months bouncing back with my health after long-covid, trying not to get crazy with myself because my brain couldn’t really work (which means I couldn’t work).

I learned too late to set the proper boundaries, stop talking to people who don’t necessarily want my best, sincerely take care of myself and prioritize my health and well-being.

It doesn’t mean I safely sit on the mindfulness cloud, sipping a meditative non-alcoholic whiskey and philosophizing about life.

It means that things have changed drastically for me.

Or to make it clearer:

I changed things drastically.

And since, thankfully, the AI between my ears is fully functional again, I must tell you that

Every day is a blessing.

And because it’s a blessing – the time itself is a blessing, which brings us to the fundamental life lesson: Use time wisely.

Because it’s limited.

I’m grateful for all the lessons and don’t want to repeat them. So imagine spending our time wisely with ourselves and people who want the best for us.

As this extra time and space will be given to us, we must decide what to do with it.

I don’t have a magic formula to make this happen. I don’t have a shortcut or one-way ticket to the world of peace and abundance. I don’t believe that such a thing exists. And still, we can all give ourselves a chance to reclaim our inner creativity with the extra time we just freed up.

Inner transformation, in my understanding, focuses on reconnecting the head, heart, and hands. It’s often misunderstood as only involving mindfulness, yoga, or meditation. Or like in my case as a fuge fun of classical music: listening to classical music all the time. During my inner transformation, I heard heavy metal in my head most of the time.

Personal transformations are unique, and rediscovering creativity might involve different approaches.

It’s essential to recognize that superficial changes aren’t enough, and we need to be aware of what we seek and want to transform in our inner journey.

When I started my journey precisely three years ago, I didn’t anticipate the “disastrous” changes in my life. Letting go of the past, learning new skills, and discovering the vast ocean of complexities weren’t always fun. But as the waters are calming for me these days, I look into the future with excitement and optimism as there is so much more I’m ready to co-create in this world.

So tell me: How is your inner transformation going?

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