You will:

  • experience and discover ourselves through colors, shapes, and forms
  • reclaim or expand your sense of exploration, wonder, and fun
  • connect with body, mind, and spirit before we start painting­
  • talk about creativity and how to access your creative potential ­
  • identify how your curiosity can trigger creativity
  • dance, play, wonder, observe, explore
  • paint with tools, hand, feet, and body ​
  • learn about: color theory, texture, shapes, contrast, layering, composition, marks, tools
  • understand how to prioritize your own creative fulfillment so that you can better serve others
  • spend creative hours with our Creator of November 2019 Ana Paz

More about Ana and her creative journey HERE

Additional information



What is included?

All materials
Drinks, snacks, meals
1-night accommodation: single room


Bederstrasse 82
Zürich 8002 Switzerland


This is 1 day one on one workshop


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