You will:

  • experience and discover ourselves through colors, shapes, and forms
  • reclaim or expand your sense of exploration, wonder, and fun
  • connect with body, mind, and spirit before we start painting­
  • talk about creativity and how to access your creative potential ­
  • identify how your curiosity can trigger creativity
  • dance, play, wonder, observe, explore
  • paint with tools, hand, feet, and body ​
  • learn about: color theory, texture, shapes, contrast, layering, composition, marks, tools
  • understand how to prioritize your own creative fulfillment so that you can better serve others
  • spend creative hours with our Creator of November 2019 Ana Paz

More about Ana and her creative journey HERE

Additional information


On request

What is included?

All materials
Drinks, snacks, meals
1-night accommodation: single room




This is 2 days one on one workshop

CHF629.00 inc. 7.7% VAT


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