You will:

  • bring an idea or a challenge (any you want)
  • explore different topics, challenges, ideas
  • brainstorm solutions, ideas with a group of creative people
  • spend an intensive 45-minute session with Iwona Fluda – creativity expert and founder of Ministry of Creativity LLC, a Swiss-based enterprise involved in building new products and services. She has been consulting businesses on marketing strategies and creativity. And Michael Strahm – Business development expert. Michael’s passion is to improve people’s lives through innovation.
  • experience design thinking/ideation session at its best
  • learn new perspectives
  • take with you lots of new ideas to be implemented

Ideas are everywhere – taking action creates real magic. Join us & experience the magic of creativity.

Additional information


June 10, 2021

What is included?

creative ideas, time, design thinking methods

What to bring?

an idea, a challenge


online, link to the session will be sent after your booking


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