You will:

  • explore different topics, challenges, ideas
  • brainstorm solutions, ideas with a group of creative people
  • spend an intensive 2 hrs session closed with a networking
  • experience design thinking/ideation session at its best
  • learn new perspectives
  • take with you lots of new ideas to be implemented

If you are working on an idea / facing any challenge and would love input from various individuals on how to bring your ideas to the next level, this is a session for you. Ideas are everywhere – taking action creates real magic. Join us & experience the magic of creativity.
This is a donation-based workshop. Feel free to pay as much as you like after the session.

Additional information


22nd October 2020

What is included?

creative ideas, time, design thinking methods

What to bring?

an idea, a challenge


online, link to the session will be sent after your booking


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