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9th August 2023


Kunsthaus Zurich
Chipperfield Building
8001 Zurich

Join us for an enlightening RSA Fellow-Led gathering at Kunsthaus Zürich. This immersive and interactive experience, facilitated by RSA Fellow Alexandra Cherali, will explore the fascinating intersections of art, creativity, and innovation.

  • Inspire & Provoke: Alexandra Cherali will guide us through selected exhibits at Kunsthaus Zürich, offering insightful commentaries and sparking thoughtful conversations around the themes of visionary thinking, artistic breakthroughs, and the struggles artists often face.
  • Reflect & Discuss: Engage in reflective group discussions, using the creative environment to explore how these artistic concepts and struggles might translate to your own innovative pursuits.
  • Share & Learn: The session will culminate in a sharing round, where you can express your reflections and insights and learn from the perspectives of others.

CHF29.00 inc. 7.7% VAT


Throughout this gathering, you will:

  • Learn about the role of visionary thinking in the creative process and how it fuels artistic breakthroughs.
  • Understand the common challenges artists face, such as overcoming creative blocks, staying original, and communicating complex ideas, creating in an unsupportive environment.
  • Explore how these artistic processes can inspire your own creative and innovative thinking.
  • Network with other RSA Fellows and engage in vibrant discussions about art, creativity, and innovation.
  • Gain inspiration from the rich history and diverse exhibits of Kunsthaus Zürich.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to delve deeper into the relationship between arts and innovation through the insightful guidance of Alexandra Cherali FRSA and the diverse perspectives of the RSA Fellowship. We look forward to exploring and learning with you!

Iwona Fluda FRSA
RSA Swiss Ambassador

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