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20th September 2023


Alexandra Cherali FRSA is your host for this workshop.

What to bring?

Curious & open mind


Kunsthaus Zurich
Chipperfield Building
8001 Zurich

Join us for an enlightening RSA Fellow-Led gathering at Kunsthaus Zürich. This immersive and interactive experience, facilitated by RSA Fellow Alexandra Cherali, will allow you to discover the art of commenting on any masterpiece using the innovative Head & Hands Method. No artist knowledge required—just your fresh perspective!

  • Immerse & Awaken: Prepare to be swept away on an artistic voyage. Discover the transformative prowess of the innovative Head & Hands method as it unravels the mysteries concealed within artworks. Your journey begins, ready to awaken new perspectives.
  • Contemplate & Interact: As the artistic world unfolds before you, seize the chance to engage deeply. Step into a realm of contemplation, where each stroke and hue bears significance. Interact within an environment pulsating with creativity, inviting you to contemplate the interplay of elements, emotions, and stories.
  • Share & Evolve: Culminate your expedition in a crescendo of shared insights and evolving perceptions. Stand shoulder to shoulder with fellow explorers as you collectively unveil the layers of meaning that art conceals. From this shared vantage point, evolve, enriched by the diverse perspectives that blend to form a richer understanding of art’s essence.

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Throughout this gathering, you will:

  • Embark on an artistic journey guided by RSA Fellow Alexandra Cherali, exploring the innovative Head & Hands method to decode masterpieces.
  • Gain inspiration from the rich history and diverse exhibits of Kunsthaus Zürich.
  • Learn to comment on art using the Look, Action, Touch & Grab, Listen, Smell, Heartbeat approach—no prior artist knowledge required.
  • Dive into the Step-by-Step Process:
    • Analyze art through your Eyes: identify subjects, colors, depth, and composition.
    • Embrace the Feet aspect: observe movements, sense energy, and imagine interaction.
    • Feel the Skin: identify emotional vibes, connect colors to feelings, and sense the mood.
    • Explore the Hands: imagine textures, analyze techniques, and decode frame significance.
    • Tune into the Ear: listen for rhythms, connect colors with rhythm, and hear the narrative.
    • Follow the  Nose: sense story direction, detect scents and emotions, and visualize moments.
    • Connect with Heart: understand relationships, feel connections, and decode emotional nuances.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to delve deeper into the relationship between you and the art pieces through the insightful guidance of Alexandra Cherali FRSA and the diverse perspectives of the RSA Fellowship. We look forward to exploring and learning with you!

Iwona Fluda FRSA
RSA Swiss Ambassador

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