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29th November 2023


Alexandra Cherali FRSA is your host for this workshop.

What to bring?

Curious & open mind


Kunsthaus Zurich
Chipperfield Building
8001 Zurich

Join us for an illuminating RSA Fellowship Gathering: Ferdinand Hodler – Unity of Nature and the Mystery of Human Life, led by RSA Fellow Alexandra Cherali.

Discover the profound connection between art, nature, and the human experience through the lens of renowned Swiss painter Ferdinand Hodler.

  • Immerse & Explore: Embark on a captivating journey through the works of Ferdinand Hodler. Explore his unique perspective on the unity of nature and the enigma of human life, as we decode the intricate layers of his masterpieces.
  • Contemplate & Discuss: Engage in thought-provoking discussions with fellow RSA Fellows. Delve into the depths of Hodler’s artistry, dissecting the symbolism and meaning behind his creations.
  • Share & Evolve: Culminate the gathering by sharing your insights and interpretations. Witness the evolution of your understanding as you gain fresh perspectives from our diverse community of RSA Fellows.

CHF39.00 inc. 7.7% VAT


Throughout this gathering, you will:

  • Gain a deep appreciation for Ferdinand Hodler’s contributions to the art world.
  • Uncover the hidden meanings and symbolism in Hodler’s paintings.
  • Explore the intersections of art, nature, and the human condition.
  • Connect with fellow RSA Fellows in vibrant discussions and shared insights.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to delve deeper into the relationship between you and the art of Ferdinand Hodler through the insightful guidance of Alexandra Cherali FRSA and the diverse perspectives of the RSA Fellowship. We look forward to exploring and learning with you!

Iwona Fluda FRSA
RSA Swiss Ambassador

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