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16-18 September 2022
Fri. 9.30-19.00
Sat & Sun 9.30-17.00

What is included?

all materials, price for the whole program, drinks and snacks


English, German


Bern, Switzerland

Did you know that creativity and creative skills are one of the most needed skills to thrive in the new economy and life? And yet, unleashing our creative potential can be challenging, especially when we aim to combine our head, heart, and hands in our quest for it.
Join us for the Wake up: Creative Leadership Program & experience the power of creativity.

During this program, you will:

  • use creative methods related to the changing phases of the nature and its elements: earth: being at home with yourself, metal: recognition and self-esteem, water: anchoring and safety, wood: vision and action, fire: inspiration, communication, and visibility
  • find the courage and personal perspective for meaningful and sustainable footsteps in this world
  • listen deeply to the magic of nature inside and outside yourself & experience how nature supports your well-being and what is your connection to the environment
  • learn the 4 ways of knowing and 3 ways of listening
  • work with your head, heart and hands
  • spend creative days with Lorraine Spring-Taylor, the Founder of, and Simone Eisenhut, the Founder of Atelier Malo Bolo

Suggested Price: CHF999.00 inc. 7.7% VAT

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