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Let’s delve into the domain of heritage and its influence on our creative spirits. This Creative Bite was inspired by a wonderful creative I had the privileged to interview today, our conversation will be published soon.

I am often quizzed about my roots, with inquisitive minds trying to uncover where I’m ‘really’ from. Over time, I’ve devised a few tongue-in-cheek responses:

💥 I’m a VIP product of my mother’s womb

💥I’m a cosmic cocktail of universal stardust

💥I’m the result of a passionate winter night in the ’80s between my parents.

Prompted by such persistent curiosity, I decided to have my heritage tested. The results painted a vivid mosaic, declaring that I am:

🤯 44.5% Baltic

🤯 24.9% Balkan

🤯 13.6% English

🤯 8.8% Eastern European

🤯 8.2% Scandinavian

So, technically, I’m more English than Eastern European, the region I’m ‘really’ from. Undeniably, I’m European. Broadening the lens, I am from Africa, like all of us. Legally speaking, I hold an EU passport and am a permanent resident of Switzerland.

And yet…

I’ve recently brewed a new response to the ubiquitous “Where are you “really” from” question. I spring from a lineage of action-takers and visionaries – individuals who transcend their boundaries, birthing realities from dreams.

💡 Take my brother as an example. His innovative spirit didn’t just fuel my fascination with technology and business, but he also conceived a ground-breaking charger for e-mobility.

All my siblings possess this creative streak.

💡 My elder sister, dr Agnieszka Fluda-Krokos is an adjunct at my alma mater Jagiellonian University and the managing director of one of Poland’s premier scientific libraries. Beyond academia, including teaching and writing, she constantly devises new creations, like her delectable tomato-based vegan brownie.

💡 My other sister, a businesswoman and mother of two, is a natural-born doer, making things happen because she’s driven by necessity and passion.

💡 My younger sister, fresh from earning her Ph.D. in music, is a professional pianist.

💡 My youngest sister, Aleksandra Fluda is a skilled artist, crafting beautiful pieces in canvas and ceramics.

Being fortunate enough to grow amidst such dreamers and doers, it seems I was destined to become one too. This is my heritage, and it humbles me deeply because what I learned on my way was also: To whom much is given, much is also required. I’m also standing on the showers of the giants: my ancestors who, in their lifetimes, developed, created and truly made things happen.

🚀 So the next time you meet passionate people who pour their hearts and souls into their work, rather than asking, “How do you do all of that,” ask how you can lend a hand.

Being an outsider has always been my thing. I just remember now: I disassembled and reassembled old watches in my childhood for fun!

I’m not here to make sure others understand my correctness. Rather, my aim is to create abundantly, live passionately, and savor every moment. So that, on my final day, I can whisper to myself: “Thank you, that was one hell of an adventure.”

So the question is: What is your heritage, where are you “really” from and how much does it influence you and your creativity?

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