Our Creator of February 2019

Aimeerim Tursalieva

I still have a very vivid memory of my childhood in Kyrgyzstan. Surrendered by beautiful nature, high mountain nomads and a group of very supportive women, I learned the power of creation and female community. Making Kyrgyz carpets is something I have been doing since I was a child. In the Kyrgyz tradition, every family makes felt carpets as a marriage gift for their daughters.
The idea to bring a little piece of my culture to Switzerland evolved when I started to observe a genuine interest in my country of origin among locals in Switzerland. I often share stories about carpets and the creative process behind them. Together with my friend Saadagul, we would like to teach you traditional Kyrgyz felting techniques called Alakiyiz and Shyrdak and share a truly unique cultural exchange with you.

A short interview with Aimeerim

Why do I organize workshops?

I want to share the beauty of Kyrgyz culture with people living in Switzerland. The unique tradition of Shyrdak making combines community work, where women sing, tell stories, drink tea, gossip and create together. My goal is to encourage people to discover different cultures and similarities between cultures and taste the beauty of cultural exchange. 

What will you learn at my workshops?

You will learn the traditional Kyrgyz techniques of making carpets and chair covers in Alakiyiz and Shyrdak style. You will immerse yourself into Kyrgyz traditional symbolics and patterns. Additionally, you will enjoy nomadic power snacks and dried fruits.

2 Days Kyrgyz Felting Workshops in Winterthur

You will...

  • dive into Kyrgyz nomadic embroidery world
  • get an introduction to traditional Kyrgyz felting techniques
  • learn about symbols and signs in the Kyrgyz culture
  • create two chair covers: 1 in Shyrdak style and 1 in Alakiyiz (each 40×40 cm)
  • enjoy traditional Kyrgyz lunches

Traditional Kyrgyz Felting Workshop in Zurich

You will...

  • dive into Kyrgyz nomadic embroidery world
  • learn about symbols and signs in the Kyrgyz culture
  • choose your own symbol or pattern 
  • create two chair covers in Shyrdak style
  • enjoy traditional nomadic power snacks and dried fruits
  • spend a creative 4 hrs session

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