Our Creator of December 2018

Aleksandra Bzdzikot

I am a creative woman: painter, illustrator and writer.
Since early years of my life, I enjoyed painting and drawing. Being creative is an essential part of my every day life. Teaching how to be creative is something
I adore doing. Sharing my skills, my knowledge and bringing about the best emotions in my students to paint their dreams is one of my goals.
I do oil and acrylic painting (landscapes) and pencil and ink sketching (women, people, animals).

I will be delighted to welcome you to my workshops in Zurich or another location convenient for you!

A short interview with Aleksandra

Why do I paint?

I strongly believe that being creative enhances your good mood and positive energy. By doing something with your hands you are the creator. And painting is a wonderful creation. The process of painting helps to relieve stress, anxiety and takes you on a wonderful journey into discovering yourself and your inner world.

What will you learn at my workshops?

You will receive an immense feeling of positivity thanks to my guidance. You will also learn painting and drawing techniques. By unleashing your creativity, you’ll feel more self-confident in your life and you’ll learn to create something beautiful.

Workshops organized by Aleksandra

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