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Ana Paz

My journey started many years ago in Romania, where I was born in a family of 3 different cultures: Greek, German and Ukrainian. Soon after I had finished my engineering education, I left Romania and I lived in different countries. The contact with various cultures, developed and enhanced my perception and cognition of art greatly. While studying Spanish philology I become familiar with the influence of Arabic culture in Southern Spain and I fell in love with the art resulting from that encounter.

At some point in my life I had a regular office job and eventually a bore-out. I saved myself quitting it and retreating into Hindu and Buddhist philosophy. A 2-year stay in an Ashram followed. This altered not just my worldviews and my beliefs but also influenced the way I express myself in art.

While my engineering training gave me the shapes, the strict, exact forms and structure, the Arabic/ Spanish and the Eastern cultures opened myself to colors, curves and random shapes. For me the canvas is the mirror of my soul, it is always showing my inner state, my emotions. Me and the canvas, we are interconnected and co-dependent.

A short interview with Ana

Why do I organize workshops?

My strong belief is that everybody could draw, paint, write, dance, sing, etc. at some point in their lives but because of social conformity, forgot or just stopped doing it.

Creativity is our birthright. It is not a special talent limited to famous artists, writers and musicians. We are all creative beings by default. The joy you feel when creating art can be healing in itself and relaxing. It is easy to get „lost“ in your creativity.

Throughout the workshops I am trying to reconnect the people with their own, unique identity and talents. I think that the world today needs more creative people than ever, people who are connected with themselves, conscious about their unique talents.

My techniques and exercises are geared to help people reclaim or expand their sense of exploration, wonder, and fun.

What will you learn at my workshops?

You will learn to create a painting or an item of your desire from the beginning to the end.

Given that my workshops are held in my atelier in Rehetobel/ Switzerland, you will disconnect by taking a deep break from the regular routine of life in a beautiful countryside environment. You will learn a variety of different techniques, explore a multitude of mediums and styles and decide which one is you favorite. Whether it is Fluid Painting, Abstract, Alcohol Ink, Intuitive Painting or Modern Macrame, you will go home with a piece of art which not only embellishes your home but it will always remind you that you are creative.

The length, from one day to 5 days full immersion workshops, and the dates can be flexibly arranged. Food is included and accommodation options are available. The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 5 people allowing for more intimate attention and more personalized teaching.

Workshop organized by Ana

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