Our Creator of August 2019

Cristina Palazzi

I am an Italian Pasta Alchemist with mixed roots: my mother comes from the seaside of Sardinia and my father from a tiny village in the middle of the Alps. I grew up in a town near Milan, and one of my hobbies was to watch my mother cooking. 

Once I decided to live abroad, I have developed a passion for cooking and started experimenting with different types of cuisines. I’ve always loved food that’s also
why I ended up working in the food industry. My Sardinian family has worked in the fresh pasta business for over 40 years. They were my inspiration to learn how to make pasta like an artisan and to teach others this fine art. To me, cooking is sharing and food means making things instead of buying them ready-made; it is something that should be natural, a sort of ‘small ritual.’

A short interview with Cristina

Why do I organize workshops?

Cooking is a way, I express myself and my curiosity. I adore spending time and losing myself in the small rituals of chopping, stirring and tasting. I love cooking because with simple and natural ingredients I can create something that reminds me my childhood (a plate of polenta for example) with some innovative twist (with raw mackerel). 

What will you learn at my workshops?

You will learn the basics of making fresh pasta by hand in simple steps and more importantly, you will be able to replicate this knowledge at home. You will work on different shapes by hand or with ‘magic’ tools. You will also have a short introduction to different types of flours. You will learn different type of ravioli and how to fill shapes. You will take home your creation.

“Creativity is the freedom to experiment whatever people feel inside.” – Cristina Palazzi

Workshops organized by Cristina

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