Our Creator of April 2019

Kadri Eek Ritter

I am a passionate chocolatier. My journey with chocolate started a few years ago when I got the opportunity to move to Switzerland. This place surprised me in many different ways. My first encounter with a bar of Swiss chocolate, its flavors and taste left me with a lasting memory. I was wondering what makes the Swiss chocolate so unique. What are the secrets behind the taste? What is the traditional way of making it? 

My curiosity brought me to chocolate courses in Zurich where I could discover “behind the scenes” of Swiss chocolate manufacture and learn from the chocolate masters.
Today, I am one of them. I would like to invite you to the world full of tasty encounters where you can discover and enjoy a pure chocolate creation at my tasty workshops.

A short interview with Kadri

Why do I organize workshops?

I am passionate about chocolate and love to share this passion with the people around me. The reason behind is a joy that chocolate creation offers and much more! Because chocolate is so much more than just a bar of sweetness. With my workshops, I would like to open you the doors to the tasty chocolate world.

What will you learn at my workshops?

One thing is guaranteed – an unforgettable chocolate experience, and discovery of flavors. It is a fantastic feeling to create something with your own hands. You will be part of the whole process and create something unique and tasty. 

Workshops organized by Kadri

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