Our Creator of May 2019

Khalida Aitsi

I am a passionate creator, mompreneur, and supporter of other women who are working toward achieving their dreams. My love for creating and my desire to share knowledge has driven me to create The Beehive – a friendly and cozy co-working space where we connect to share ideas and let our imagination and creativity run wild. 

As the founder of the Beehive, I mainly focus on furniture renovation and sewing workshops. I spend most of my time renovating old furniture and giving them a second life. This and teaching creative skills to other ladies are my biggest passions. I love to collaborate and meet new people! That is why The Beehive opens its doors to other workshop providers from various fields (for example photography, soap making or dance) and generally to all entrepreneur ladies.

A short interview with Khalida

Why do I organize workshops?

I teach sewing because it has been a part of my life since a very young age and I believe it is such a great and useful hobby to learn. I want to give people space and skills for their creativity to thrive. 

What will you learn at my workshops?

You will let your creativity flow, meet other like-minded ladies, let go of everyday worries, and finally leave the Atelier with more energy than they came with. This is our real goal!

Workshops organized by Khalida

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