Our Creator of January 2019

Smriti Chhabra

The idea to cook for you and to teach you how to make authentic Indian food has been grown inside of me for a long time. Throughout my journeys all around the world, I was missing the genuine and authentic taste of Indian food, the unforgettable mix of scents, colours and tastes that make all the senses alive. Therefore, when I settled in Switzerland, I decided to share my memories and experiences by inviting locals and tourists to my cooking workshops. Finally, my dream to become a professional chef met the best opportunity.
In my Indian cooking classes, I combine the best of India and Switzerland. All dishes are made with vegetables from the region, local organic meat and Indian spices. I use biodegradable food packaging. I would like to show you how real Indian food tastes and teach you the best ways to make authentic Indian food. I will be delighted to welcome you to my workshops!

A short interview with Smriti

Why do I cook?

Cooking means to me inner satisfaction. Good and healthy food give us inner and spiritual strength. I love to spread my love for authentic Indian food, and my knowledge of Indian spices and Indian cooking. Sharing my knowledge and experience and creating new tastes with other people makes me happy.

What will you learn at my workshops?

You will receive an immense feeling of satisfaction with your creative cooking experience. You will learn how to combine different ingredients and how to create unforgettable Indian dishes and share your experience with a group of curious participants.

Cook with Smriti - Where Indian Food Meets Switzerland

You will...

  • learn how to cook authentic Indian food in Switzerland while using Swiss high quality, locally sourced ingredients and Indian spices
  • learn how Indian spices can make difference in day to day cooking
  • create delicious, healthy and soul-rejuvenating dishes
  • spend a creative 4 hrs session with delicious food

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