Our Creator of June 2019

Ursina Dumelin

Mine is the world of colors and creative peacebuilding. Grown up on an organic farm in Switzerland and later traveling around the world for sustainable farming projects put me in touch with people from all over. Today I am a creative peace worker offering creative time slots for people who feel like they need a break and career coaching. I offer creative time slots and coaching for individuals between 30 and 50 years who feel stressed and want to co-create new vitality and creativity. 

My workshops take place on the weekends. Furthermore, I portray people who walked the path of their heart and today work in an environment that is in line with their moral values and their capabilities and talents.

A short interview with Ursina

Why do I organize workshops?

As a peace builder and handicraft person, it is my constant desire to create a colorful and peaceful world which finally allows us to stay healthy and joyful beings. My motto: “Have a wonderful, creative and inspiring “why,” do work that matters to you and make health your priority.”

What will you learn at my workshops?

You will create your personal access to your creativity and joy. Furthermore, you will learn specific creative handicraft methods and get access to the world of colours and tools in a wonderful creative garage in the middle of Winterthur. Last but not least, you will get in contact with other inspiring and beautiful people.

To me, creativity is a colorful process that touches our hearts and brains at the same time. It connects and enriches individuals and groups, and in a broader sense, it is one means of allowing personal transformation. To keep it simple: creativity to me is like a star that glints and glistens within us but which is at the same time also happy to be present in the sky. Whenever it is the right time for it, we can fall back to it.

Workshops organized by Ursina

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