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Let’s talk about experiences…

Once upon a time… I was lying on the floor, watching the stars on a very starry night. It was summer, a hot night, and counting stars didn’t help much to structure what had just happened. Before I drifted to sleep, I found myself jumping into the next level of my existence, unknowing that with one decision, everything I’d taken for granted and perceived as safe would vanish into the vast space of the unknown.

Changes, transitions, transformations – these are things we often discuss as necessary and crucial to our existence and the development of the world. But they don’t need to be proclaimed from every electronic device. They can be enacted quietly, gracefully, and meaningfully without anyone watching, liking, or commenting.

Perhaps on that particular night, in a dream I can’t remember, I began to reimagine for myself what a truly creative and meaningful life could be. I contemplated how sudden, graceful changes and decisions can open doors to a more purposeful, joyful, and intrinsically quieter life. I became curious…

All right, Iwona, we all know you can write poetry; tell us what this is really all about.

It’s about an experience, or perhaps all experiences. It’s about us taking charge, making things happen, and facilitating necessary transformations. More importantly, it’s about enabling ourselves to be authentic without compromising our values in pursuit of worldly success. Let me be clear: There’s nothing wrong with worldly success. I’ve always had trouble accepting it as the only right goal of a fulfilling life.

I’ve spent countless hours discussing this with many extraordinary individuals over the years. And one message has stayed with me:

“You have already achieved so much; everything else is learning and experience.”

I loved this message, and still do, because it gave me a fresh perspective and a new starting point for the next chapter of my life. It enabled me to create experiences for myself and others that are naturally refreshing and transformative.

I won’t lie to you: I love designing and leading experiences. They provide all I need to bring various talents to the table and witness individuals transforming and shifting their perspectives before my eyes. Now, as I lay on my floor counting the stars, I think about all the upcoming creative adventures yet to be experienced.

And the next experience is going to happen in Geneva in July. If you would like to join us: please register here.

This single starry night sparked a revolution within, and countless others have fanned its flames since… So I challenge you now: Have you ever faced that pivotal moment, that fracture in time when you feel the very foundations of your life’s perspective start to quake and shift beneath you?

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