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A room fully packed, with thousands of us sitting in anticipation, eagerness etched on our faces as we waited to listen live to an off-record conversation with Michelle Obama at Bits & Pretzels in Munich. Security, police, and “secret service” were all in place to ensure none of us were taking pictures. It was a “could-someone-pinch-me” moment. I was fortunate to be there as many were unable to enter the already brimming room.

I won’t lie; I listened with bated breath to the words of a person who has profoundly influenced my life, even though we haven’t had a chance to meet (yet). Reading her books and listening to her conversations over the years— and now, hearing her live brought back memories and reminded me again of the complexity and beauty of life, our individual and collective resilience, and so much more…

So, even though I didn’t capture any pictures, I made notes and have crafted them into this Creative Bite, combining my reflections and the insights from many inspiring and heartfelt conversations I was privileged to have during the Bits and Pretzels event. All delivered to you from the bottom of my heart while on a flight to my next creative adventure.

  1. You can’t get anywhere if you stop. This is why you should never stop. No one ever achieved anything by giving up on their dreams. So, persevere.
  2. The voices inside your head need to be much stronger than those outside from the haters. My lesson and observation here are that truly successful people do not complain and blame. They experience setbacks, but most importantly, they own them. I’ve learned to return to my inner compass and see the bigger picture, especially when faced with criticism and complaints. And even more important, I’ve begun surrounding myself with amazing leaders.
  3. The best leaders think beyond themselves. They leave their ego behind and work on what truly matters to them. In this case, the whole notion of creation is different; we create from a foundation of passion, creativity, and deep inner drive, not egocentric goals.

And the most important insight is:

“By dreaming too big, you make the impossible-possible.”

Or as Norman Vincent Peale said: “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, youll land among the stars.” And because life is always uncertain and unpredictable, there is nothing better than living in the present moment and feeling blessed for the journey we are on.

I wish you all big dreams, great work, and amazing people around you. There is nothing more beautiful to me than enjoying the incredible journey of life with incredible individuals.

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