Alternative ways of travelling

COVID-19 has transformed the way we live, work, and… travel. However, those who cannot live without traveling look for alternative ways to satisfy their desire to explore. πŸš•βœˆπŸš‰

What are the current trends then?

1. Staycations – have you heard this term yet? With borders closed, we finally have time to make the most of what’s on our doorstep🏠, hence the interest in domestic travel is growing.

2. Quiet destinations – we tend to choose isolated or rural areas. 🏞 Goodbye to big holiday resorts and enormous hotels. Cabin rental, private villas, boats, and boutique hotels rule!

3. Eco-conscious and sustainable tourism – with aircraft grounded we have seen the clearer sky and heard the cry of birds again, and we want to keep it and reduce our environmental footprint. Great outdoors, camping in wild areas, exploring the beauty of nature with maximum care for the environment – that’s the current trend! πŸ•πŸ”

4. Planning epic bucket-list trips 🏜🏝 – isn’t a quarantine a perfect time for this? That’s what a lot of people thought, as travel agencies organizing trips to exotic destinations have already seen an increase in interest.

And if you’re still afraid to move, you can organize or develop your old travel photos. I bet you have a lot of them on your hard drive? πŸ˜‰

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