Are you vegan?

Are you vegan? Do you have allergies to animal products? Or do you simply want to try something new? Whatever the reason, why shouldn’t you try a plant-based diet this Christmas! 🎄⭐ 🥧
Spread the wings of your creativity, or try some of our favorite vegan ideas for delicious homemade treats! ✨

🧁 Vegan Shortbread Cookies – take cane sugar, flour, vanilla extract and replace standard butter with its vegan version – they are delicious, buttery, and come so close to the animal butter version that nobody will tell the difference.

🧁Gingerbread man – baking gingerbread figures is an old tradition known as early as in the court of Elizabeth I of England. We propose a no dairy and no eggs version decorated with yummy vegan frosting. Replace butter with coconut oil or vegan butter and eggs with egg replacer.

🧁Vegan brownies? Easy! Use vegan substitutes to replace butter and eggs: dairy-free semisweet chocolate chips, vegan margarine, and aquafaba in place of eggs.

🧁Time for something exceptional: Vegan Peanut Butter Nanaimo Bars replacing milk with soy or coconut milk. Peanut butter and chocolate are a delicious partnership.

🔥 As you can see, all traditional baking ingredients can be replaced by vegan substitutes. So there are no obstacles for you to create vegan versions of your favorite baked goods or invent new vegan recipes yourself. 💪

👉 And if you do, don’t forget to share them with us! ✍

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