Are you an autumn freak? We sure are! 😉

Just imagine!

🍂 Spectacular bursts of colors,
🍂 leaves crunching under your feet,
🍂 magical Harry Potter photoshoot on a pumpkin field,
🍂 or a cozy evening with a book, warm socks, and a cup of hot, spicy pumpkin tea.

Do you feel the excitement already?

And how about bringing the autumn mood to your house? Here are some ideas for some fall crafts to celebrate the season ⬇⬇⬇

🍁 An elegant wreath from small pumpkins and colorful leaves,
🍁 rustic garland made from dried painted leaves,
🍁 charming jar candle holders decorated with eco paper and string,
🍁 DIY autumn leaf bowl for treats – you can use silk leaves!

👉 You can also carve eco paper leaves & pumpkins and use them to make a family mood board! Make some colorful memories that would warm your heart every day.

🗨 Would you add something to that list?

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