Autumn has come and greeted us with atmospheric mornings and evenings 🧡

The fog softly tucks the trees and bushes as the dim light of the sun tries to sip through its vapors. This undeniably is the most inspiring time of the year. Try to use it to boost your creativity levels.🎨

To do that, we propose these simple activities:

🌫️ Take a walk in the fog – strolling in the fog and letting your thoughts wander will give you the best ideas, that’s guaranteed!

🌰 Collect fall tokens: acorns, chestnuts, colorful leaves. You can use them later in an autumn collage.

🍵 Sit in an armchair with a mug of a hot beverage of your choosing and a good book. Reading enhances your vocabulary and moves your imagination.

🏞️ Go hiking and look at how the world around you is changing. Being close to nature is the best creativity stimulant.

What do you like to do in autumn to increase your creativity? 💬

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