Cleaning wax

Are you a candle lover? 🕯️ Do you enjoy long aromatic baths or relaxing evenings with wine and a good book? 🍷📖

But what to do with the candle jars after their content served its purpose? ♻️

First, you have to de-wax them. As you probably know, it’s not that easy but fortunately, we have prepared a candle jar recycling mini guide for you:

There are two most popular methods of cleaning wax:
🥶 the freezer method – freeze the jar and use a knife to carefully remove the wax. It should come out pretty easily.
🔥 boiling – boil the candle jar until the wax softens and then pour out the wax. The jar can then be washed using warm water and soap to finish.

What you can recycle the jar into:
– plant pots 🌷💚 – these are our personal favorites – original and gorgeous
– pencil pots ✏️
– make-up utensils organizers 👄 – an elegant touch for your bathroom shelves.

Do you have more creative ideas on how to use candle jars? Share them in the comments! 💬


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