Create your own garden

How do you make a creative garden? 🌵🌴🌱☘🌺🌻🌹

You do not need a lot of money to do so, just a little bit of love for gardening works, and a pinch of creative fantasy🌈

Especially nowadays with eco green trends, you have a whole bunch of possibilities – reuse & recycle old stuff and make beautiful DIY flower pots!

💡Here are some ideas:
🔨We’re sinking in the sea of plastic bottles. Why not recycle them into beautiful tower garden flower pots?
🔨Still, got your kids’ old plastic or wooden cars or boats? They can make nice-looking flower pots too! 🚜
🔨Old tires are another nightmare, but they make perfect flowerbeds. They do not need to be black – you can paint them any colour & pattern you like and cut them into half crescents, pile them, make them look like big cups with flowers in them, or hang them!
🔨Old baskets, fruit boxes, and trunks – obvious, you can plant anything in them. 🧺
🔨Old bags and shoes – what do you think? 👢👜
🔨This one is cool – plant flowers in old colanders and hang them off the ceiling. They will give your yard a nice rustic look!

We hope we inspired you.


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