Creating a bucket list

A Bucket List is a personal list of things a person would like to do in life. A collection of everything you want to try; goals you want to achieve, life experiences you want to have before you die.

➡ Have you ever thought of preparing one for yourself? We think it’s worth giving it a go, mainly because it can motivate you to fulfill your big and small dreams. But not only! Above all, it can make you reflect upon what you really want, what you really dream about, and what you simply forget about in the rush of everyday life.

Here is our collection of Bucket List ideas ⤵
✅go skydiving or bungee jumping,
✅get a tattoo,
✅visit a ‘new’ place you’ve always wanted to see: New Zealand, New York, Newfoundland – whatever!
✅ go to therapy,
✅ tell our significant other that we love them/that we are sorry,
✅ move to the country and start breeding llamas🦙
✅ buy your own house,
✅ quit your corporate job and start your own business,
✅ learn Italian and move to Italy 🇮🇹

These are just examples, but remember for us even the sky is ot the limit”❗❣️

👉 Stop and think about your top-of-the-top, must-do dreams. Maybe it’s time to start fulfilling them❓


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