Creative baking

Would you say ‘no’ to a slice of fresh, homemade sourdough bread or a piece of vegan cake? Especially if you can bake it on your own and treat yourself with it on a lazy, joyful Sunday morning? Try it! Join us for incredible baking experiences!

E.g. During our Sourdough Bread Baking Workshop in Zurich, you will learn:
– essential skills and tips for baking Sourdough bread,
– how to make your own starter and feed it,
– the importance of a long cool ferment and of scaling the ingredients,
– how to shape your bread with different techniques: for a boule (round loaf) and a batard (long oval loaf).

And of course, last but definitely not least, you’ll meet the master and founder of il pane di una volta, Grazia De Martino.

➡ Spoil yourself with creative and delicious hours of baking! Spots are limited, so don’t forget to save yours here.

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