Creative ways to sum up last year

Do you have the habit of summarizing what you have achieved in the old year and planning for the new one? Do you make New Year’s resolutions? Here are some creative ways to sum up last year and display your new goals for the new year! 💪 🔥

✅ You can make both by listing your achievements or making a to-do list. ✍

✅ an excellent variant of a to-do list is to create a “one thing to-do list”. Do not write: “I’m going to stop eating unhealthy food”, but concentrate on one type of unhealthy food you’re going to eliminate, e.g., crisps or energy drinks. This way you set a precise goal and do not overburden yourself.

✅ Have you heard about mind mapping? For some people, they are perfect planning tools; check if maybe they will work out for you.

✅ Document your achievements in a scrapbook. You can use it also to visualize your future goals.

✅ To boost your motivation and create a strong mental bond with your dream, you can use a stronger method of visualization: hang pictures/drawings symbolizing things that you want to achieve in visible places around the house. You can also create a collage of your plans and goals to look at every day.

✅ Buying a new fancy planner is always an option. The good ones offer a variety of ways to plan and stay motivated.

✅ If you’re a techie, choose online planners and planning apps.

No matter which method you choose, we wish you to make this year better than the last 👑, or at least equally good. ☀😊 🌹

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