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This Creative Bite is brought to you by my younger self. She was sitting in the university classroom, daydreaming, looking at the autumn leaves falling down from the trees outside. And she just woke up after being mentally hit by the professor saying:

“One must be creative. One must be creative.”

Waaaaittt a second — I thought — What had she just said??!?!?!

As someone who was told for years that I would never make money from being creative (The irony still bells in my ears these days), the prof’s words sounded like a revelation, a completely new door just opened to me, and a new country was just discovered. And I didn’t know what to do with it for a while.

And when I think of it these days — that was exactly how it was supposed to be. I didn’t have to know what to do with it, I didn’t have to analyze and find the way. I didn’t have to ask for permission, I just waited, and then at some point, I started to create.

And this story came back to me a few weeks ago when I got to talk to someone I haven’t seen in years, and she said: “How the h§$%&ll you do all of that?

“I do what?” — I thought for a second. Do you mean all the things you can see on my social media?

Well, I do so much more — I thought to myself — but social media will never see it, not even a glimpse. That will remain my sweet secret.

And this is a self-leadership lesson I learned the hard way over the last few years.

Doing and making things happen is, for me personally, of much more value than just talking. People will always reveal their true character through actions, not talk.

And when you create (a lot), I can promise you, you have no time to complain about people, weather, circumstances etc., all the time. You don’t have time to find fault with others. You just create: nothing else matters. This is part of your mindset and your self-leadership.

And when I remember my professor at the university, I know that when she shared with us that “One must be creative,” she didn’t just mention it out of the blue as a nice idea, but she allowed us to be creative.

So what I wish you all would be to create whatever you please in your private and professional life. And when you’re done with one thing, please create the next one, or do more things simultaneously, but never stop creating.

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