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We all know them: the weirdos, rule-breakers, and those who don’t quite fit the imaginary societal molds. We recognize them from museum walls, private galleries, and history books. We know of them from stories about our ancestors, like that auntie who seemed to know everything or the grandfather who could heal wounds with herbs. The complexity and beauty of each of us might not land us on museum walls or in the pages of history books, but that doesn’t mean our actions and creations don’t bring value to the world. They do.

However, their value isn’t defined by us; it’s shaped by the complexity of our environments, and communities and by individuals who ultimately appreciate what we’ve created by buying it, promoting it, talking about it, or even remaining silent.

These and other philosophical thoughts flashed through my mind as I found myself lost among the Picassos and Van Goghs during a museum tour on one of those “museum weather” days. The sun shone brightly over the bustling streets of Zurich, filling the air with chatter and noise.

Yet, there are many unsung Picassos and Van Goghs in the world who will never be recognized for their creative endeavors. The reasons are myriad. Alongside many rational justifications, society and the community eventually decide whether an art piece or any creation deserves a spot on museum walls or in our media. The irony is palpable when we recall tales of misfits and rule-breakers. There have been countless such individuals, many of whom we’ll never hear about. They must navigate their own destinies, often not realizing the full potential of their existence.

And what if we can change it?

During that museum tour, I was reminded of a remarkable person in my community, an entrepreneurship professor. At the start of each semester, he advises his students that if they have even a glimmer of hope or inclination to pursue anything other than entrepreneurship, they should follow it.

Entrepreneurship demands more than just immense creativity and problem-solving skills; it exacts every ounce of your being. Yet, paradoxically, it also rewards you in kind. Unless you’re certain that there’s nothing else you’d rather do with your life, avoid the path of entrepreneurship. And for the sake of your sanity, resist the urge to create.

Otherwise, you might end up as one of the aforementioned misfits. Trust me; we already have enough broken hearts in our society. But, if you believe that creation is your only liberation, then create. Do it with every fiber of your being because there’s nothing more rewarding than bringing your creations to the world without any expectations.

And here I am, writing to you in the wee hours because the idea for this Creative Bite simply wouldn’t leave my mind.

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