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Have you ever wondered how lucky you are?

I consider myself very lucky – simply for the fact that I’m living on planet Earth, this immense creative ball floating in infinite space. (How amazing is that?!)

The odds of me being born were 1: 400,000,000,000,000. So were yours. Being here provides the incredible opportunity to just be, feel, create, and have a genuine human experience. That’s true luck.

I’m also fortunate to have met numerous wonderful people throughout my journey. Every challenge I’ve encountered has imparted invaluable lessons about myself, others, and the world, molding me into who I am and guiding who I’m becoming. For this evolution, I’m deeply humbled and proud.

I’m lucky simply because I’m alive. As long as I breathe, I have the chance to channel my creative energy towards successful causes and projects that ignite my passion.

You don’t just have to take my word for it.

Even Nobel laureates recognize the importance of luck. In October 2022, the Nobel in Economics was awarded to three mathematicians and physicists for their proof of the crucial role luck plays in achieving success. Interestingly, the most successful individuals aren’t always the most talented. They might be moderately talented, but they’re incredibly lucky.

So, if you’re aiming for success, embrace your luck!

This realization didn’t come easily to me. There were phases when I firmly believed success was the direct result of relentless hard work, tears, sweat, and immense sacrifice. I wore my overworking habits like a badge of honor. While I evaded severe outcomes like burnout, I did grapple with the life-altering lessons of long-covid, a stark reminder that one cannot pour from an empty cup and that our energy is of utmost importance.

My perspective shifted dramatically when I met Monica Laurence. More than just an extraordinary human being and entrepreneur, she’s the brain behind the revolutionary success method: Quantum Surfing. Monica introduced me to the idea that we exist in a quantum reality, an environment pulsating with waves and energy.

The pressing questions then are:

How can we harness this energy for our benefit? How can we dream bigger and transform those dreams into reality?

This is the essence of Quantum Surfing—a method amalgamating quantum mechanics, neuroscience, and applied enlightenment. Instead of merely plodding through life, we can surf these quantum waves, building our dreams into tangible realities. Numerous entrepreneurs and innovators have embraced this technique, redefining their approach to energy and business. They’re trailblazing into the next decade, fueled by joy, innovation, and genuine connections with like-minded visionaries.

Given the luminous visions I believe we all harbor for our world, I’m ecstatic to invite you on this quantum journey alongside Monica. Let’s unravel the secrets to being “Predictably Lucky”. The anticipation of embarking on this journey is exhilarating, and I eagerly await every single individual who chooses to join us.

We commence on Sept 19 at 12 p.m. Pacific Time, convening on Tuesdays for the subsequent six weeks. This offer includes>

  1. Quantum Surfing 1 Course – Curriculum, 6 live meetups, and session recordings, a lucky journal, and membership in the Quantum Surfing Community
  2. Bonus Quantum Perspective Workshop – 2 live meetups
  3. Bonus Akashic Session – FREE 1:1 Akashic Session or Credit of $200 towards 1:1 Akashic Strategy Session

With the code “creativebites”, you gain exclusive access to this offer. Sign up here. Who’s in?

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