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Let’s talk about experiences… I don’t know about you, but co-creating, designing, and delivering experiences has become a huge part of my life. And this isn’t just professionally but also personally; it’s as if co-creation flows through my veins. I love designing and co-creating experiences. There’s magic in each moment, and being creative and curious while holding space makes all the difference.

I reflected on this topic while crossing yet another European country by train, watching the landscapes change outside the window. I reminisced about the very first creative sessions I delivered years ago in local cafes in Zurich, at its art museum, and in classrooms. I remember the thrill and nerves of my first public speech in my hometown when I was very young – who would have thought then that I would be speaking on global stages? I recall the great experiences and those that taught me a lot; frankly, all of them did. Most recently, I remember speaking at a conference on creativity in Trieste, Italy, discussing Creativity and Innovation in Education in the Age of AI. One of my main hypotheses is that we need to individually and collectively create safe spaces for children to thrive and develop their creative potential.

On closer examination, we can see that safe spaces are necessary everywhere: in our boardrooms, workspaces, homes, public areas… It’s our individual responsibility to ensure that we co-create a safe environment for everyone, no matter where we are. Imagine how much our world would change if we made this happen:

A world where trust, understanding, kindness, and creativity top our agendas and become imperatives in all aspects of our lives.

How different would the world and our lives look? How much bolder and more courageous would our actions be, and how many of today’s challenges would no longer be issues?

The benefits of creating these safe spaces are manifold. They:

  • Encourage open dialogue and the sharing of diverse ideas.
  • Promote mental and emotional well-being.
  • Build community and a sense of belonging.
  • Foster resilience and the capacity to manage challenges.
  • Enhance productivity and innovation by allowing authentic self-expression.

And so, as Monica and I gear up to invite you into a realm of possibility and creativity for the year 2024, set against the backdrop of Fiji’s untouched splendor, I ask you:

“How do you create a safe space in your world, and what transformations do you witness as a result?”

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“Everything you can imagine is real”

Picasso once said, and we’re here to turn our visions into reality.

Discover the power of safe spaces, and let’s co-create a brighter future together.