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You should have seen the joy on my eldest sister’s face yesterday when I walked into her office. She had no idea I was coming, and neither did my parents. My arrival stunned one of her employees, who, when I asked to see my sister, replied, “You can’t just waltz in and see Mrs. Director dr Agnieszka Fluda-Krokos without checking her availability.”

She cried, and called me crazy, and we hugged, cried, and expressed our joy at seeing each other. Then, we visited a wonderful local Italian restaurant for some truly delicious pasta and an incredibly tasty raspberry lemonade. Moments full of joy, surprise, love, and appreciation followed. I couldn’t have envisioned a better birthday that involved: 1) traveling, 2) arriving, 3) working on my taxes, 4) exploring fascinating moments and creating them, 5) in a way, reconnecting with my roots, and 6) feeling profoundly grateful to be alive.

I had contemplated writing this Creative Bite about the thirty-something life and business lessons I’ve gathered over recent years. But I changed my mind.

First, I delight in people assuming I’m still in my twenties, and revealing my true age would instantly dispel that illusion. Second, I’m uncertain if I have an extensive list of lessons to share today. Instead, I’d like to share some reflections that have crossed my mind during recent travels across Europe, where I explored various places and their unique charm:

  1. Cancelled flights and meetings create opportunities. One Sunday, upon checking my email, the first message was from an airline with the subject: “Information about your flight…” which unfortunately had been canceled. None of the provided solutions seemed ideal. But after a brief moment of dismay, I quickly found an alternative, traveled across Switzerland, savored the scenic train ride, and managed to return to Barcelona in time for a planned dinner. The journey was (un)expectedly magical.
  2. Voicing your truth, even if it’s uncomfortable, is essential. Those who truly care about you will listen and value your openness. For those who don’t, it’s best to move on. Keep on speaking up.
  3. Traveling has opened more doors for me, both real and imagined, than any social media platform. Continue traveling and exploring.
  4. Making seemingly “irrational” or “foolish” decisions is preferable to indecision, which, by default, is a decision in itself. Progress occurs when in motion.
  5. Being open, curious, and creative is a lifestyle that changes everything. Without such a mindset, I wouldn’t have been inspired to write this Creative Bite or any others. It always starts with asking myself, “What if?”

So, what if we…

  1. Opened our hearts and minds to a world abundant with kindness, appreciation, and collaboration built on mutual love and respect?
  2. Began exploring the world one creative encounter at a time, granting ourselves the luxury of living in the present?
  3. Focused on the talents and potential of others, instead of their limitations?

I firmly believe that embracing such perspectives could reshape our world. This is my heartfelt wish for everyone on my birthday:

  • Peace: A peaceful mind is a treasure, and I’m continually refining mine.
  • Harmony: May it prevail within families, communities, and nations.
  • Kindness: Let’s embody change by demonstrating compassion and understanding, celebrating our differences, and assisting those in need.
  • Leadership with Vision: Admire leaders who foresee a radiant future, inspire others, and prioritize potential over limitations. Become such a leader if you can— and I believe you have the potential.
  • Powerful Collaborations: Let’s forge bonds that emphasize our collective strengths and drive substantial change. Join us as a founding member of the Sunrise Venture Summit. https://creativeswitzerland.com/sunrise-luck-vitality-and-creative-impact-in-paradise/

May this year bestow endless opportunities and boundless joy upon everyone! “Shoot for the Moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” – Norman Vincent Peale

And happy birthday to the wonderful people who celebrate it this week as well!

Tessy Antony de Nassau ép Floessel & Antonela Perkins & Cornelia Hagmann – check her wonderful art here.

Happy Birthday, Ladies! Wishing you all the beauty of this world for the year ahead!