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Did you know that the Oxford English Dictionary covers over 600,000 terms? A lot of tools to express who we are as individuals and species, what (and how) we observe in the world, what we experience, and how we feel

Well, language, words. I truly believe they matter enormously in our lives. They can make and break relationships, businesses, lives, and basically everything all around the world. I know it might sound very dramatic – but I write about words and language, so let me write whatever wants to come through my fingers.

And language plus creativity equals fun (at least in my case). I love playing with words and laughing about how creative we can be with them.

My recent favorite words-flowers are:

– “Starting something from scratches” – I was told that it’s from scratch, but honestly, I like the scratches better here. Why shall we start something just from just one scratch?

– “Where, on Earth, is this subject more visible than in Africa?” – me speaking at a conference recently -> I meant our physical planet Earth spinning around in the vast space in the universe. 

– “Please come closer and sit in couples” – because: why not?

I love expressing my thoughts through written and spoken languages, and I understand firsthand how it is when I don’t know what to say or write. Believe me, I experience it, too.

So in case of not-knowing any longer about what to write or how to continue with writing, writing retreats might be good solutions.

Why? Here are a few reasons by Valeria Vescina: author, reviewer, and creative-writing tutor, as well as the literary curator of a long-running festival of music and words.

1. Time and space for you and your writing: Allow yourself a proper break from daily responsibilities and distractions, and focus on your writing.

2. Inspiration and creativity: Most retreats take place in scenic landscapes. Let nature, architecture, and people inspire you.

3. Productivity: There’s nothing like full immersion in your writing to boost both the quantity and quality of your stories.

4. Quality feedback and your inner critic: The feedback and support from your coach and fellow participants will highlight your strengths and enable you to overcome weaknesses in a supportive atmosphere. 

5. Motivation and confidence: Your motivation and confidence will be boosted by the joy of being able to focus on something you love, by the new skills and insights acquired through the workshops, the sight of others’ writing, and the opportunity to share your words and ideas, and time to reflect on and shape your projects.

What is your experience with writing? Have you ever attended a writing retreat? What was your experience? If not, would you consider it, and why?

If you would like to learn more about Valeria and her retreats, feel free to contact her directly at: mvaleriavw@outlook.com and have a look at her website.


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