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Here are a few ideas about #artificialintelligence #creativity #education

💥 The education system is broken, and it’s time for a radical transformation. It’s time to ditch the outdated approach of one-size-fits-all education and embrace AI’s personalized learning. 

🤔 Why force students to sit in boring classrooms where their brains boil over? 

💡 Instead, let’s help them discover their passions and talents, teach them to think critically and ethically, and develop emotional intelligence. With AI, we can create a society of kind and compassionate individuals with healthy boundaries. It’s time to revolutionize education and create a brighter future.

Many of my ideas were discussed yesterday at the Microsoft Speakers Club & Azure and AI Show. You can watch the recording here: 

Thank you for having me: Frank Falvey ☁ Dan Rey Solomon Jeremiah (MVP)


When we think and reflect on the intersection between ai and human abilities, aka our very own creativity, there are a few things that we might consider as being in favor of us, humans:

  • Being a human being is not just about our biology and our brains. It also encompasses our social, emotional, and intellectual lives.
  • As social beings, humans have evolved to live in communities and rely on one another for support and connection.
  • Emotionally, humans are capable of a wide range of feelings, from joy and love to sadness and grief.
  • Intellectually, humans have developed language, science, art, and technology, allowing us to create complex societies and civilizations.
  • Being human is a multifaceted experience encompassing our biological and cultural identities. It is a journey of self-discovery and growth, full of challenges and opportunities for personal and collective evolution.

And when I look closely at it, I can’t help but think that the next system that will be disrupted and completely transformed by AI is … education. And here is why:

I consider myself old-school (as far as it goes for a millennial), and I believe that education is crucial. I completed seven years of higher education and got four university degrees. And I love learning; by any chance, in the coming future, I will come back and do more research and write papers because (it’s fun) and the AI between my ears still works perfectly well. For me, it was never a question of whether to study, as I have always been curious and creative. It has downsides (of course), but I will spare them with you for this creative intervention.

However, it’s striking to realize that our current educational system is based on an approach created around 200 years ago by people who wanted to create a great industrial world that no longer matches our current needs.

As far as I’m concerned, it hasn’t served us for generations already, but no one has had the audacity to introduce changes. So the AI arrived. The rise of AI in education offers the promise of more personalized and individualized approaches to learning, which will benefit us individually and on a societal level in the long run.

Why? Instead of forcing children to sit in their classrooms (the human farms) where their brains start boiling after a few hours or just switch off (usually faster), we can…

offer them learning approaches that would respect their talents and abilities. Instead of a teacher sharing things that are easily googleable and often profoundly useless, we can guide children and students (in general) through discovering their creative powers and passions, developing critical and ethical thinking, and acting.

We can teach them how to recognize and address their and others’ emotions and be kind, compassionate, and helpful people with healthy boundaries. How to deal with grief and trauma. How to, in general, address all the topics still considered shameful and unacceptable.

Did you learn these at school? You didn’t.

We can guide students and create the time and space to debate, disagree and argue, and learn how to solve bigger and smaller challenges. These are just a few examples…

As we live in systems run by broken and wounded generations, changing the educational system is imperative, not wishful thinking. I’m sure that within one generation, we’ll be able to change and re-discover the world completely.

And my hope and wish are that with AI tools, we will free up our time and resources, ensure everyone has access to resources, and so we focus on ourselves and our intrinsic transformation and developing our unique talents. AI will be, in this case, an enabler for a happier and just world. I know it might sound very futuristic and far-fetched… But give it a chance as a starting point for our future reflections.

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