Eco-friendly packages

Whether you have a business or think of the coming Christmas gift time🎁🎁🎁, it might be a good idea to think of creative eco-friendly packages. Not only will it help to save the environment, but also your brand will benefit from that. And it will probably make you feel better about yourself. 🙂💎

Let’s brainstorm some ideas:

☑If you have a business, think about packages that can turn into something after removing the stuff inside. E.g., a dollhouse, a bus, or some other construction toy. It could also be repurposed for a practical container for adults or a cardboard hanger. It requires simple alterations in design.

☑Consider packing your goods in something other than plastic or cardboard. Some companies use banana leaves, tree bark, or potato skins. We know that these are the hard ones, but you can use something else: here’s where creativity begins! 🦄

☑Privately, it’s a great idea to reuse packages from last year. We know people who recycle gift bags from 10 years ago, taking gifts out carefully and storing bags and ribbons away.

☑Use waste material to create, e.g., advent calendars: put a small gift into a toilet roll tube, wrap in colored paper, put a number, and hang or glue to something.

☑You can make adorable gift bags from old newspapers and cereal boxes. You can also use old pieces of fabric or different scraps to make nice and fancy gift sacs.

🙏Can you add your ideas to the list?


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