From trash to treasure

We know well that some of you have decorated their yards and gardens with waste material, but who has ever thought of using trashes to decorate your rooms?

With a tiny spark of creativity, you can do it!💪🔥

⤵Here are some quick tips. ✂✂✂

♦Do not throw egg cartons away – Make Egg Carton Waste Baskets! Prepare DIY Aromatherapy Candles to put in recycled jars – easy, you need some wax, essential oil, and a cotton wick. And a small pot!

♦Make your lampshades – from old Mixing Bowls or plastic colanders!

♦Have you got old toothbrushes at home – make a Towel hanger or socks organizer out of them; enwrap them with a piece of twisted yarn.

♦Plastic bottles are a nightmare. Glass bottles are just a bit better. But still, we have loads of bottles at home. Perfect for flower vases! Cover them with bright paper or white paper, and then color! Or with whatever else you like!

♦You don’t need to shop to decorate your children’s room with colorful, eye-catching wall art. Use the old/new comic books with superhero figures; glue them on cardboard to make funny wall posters!

♦Old coasters can be used as a beautiful base for candle stands.

♦Glue old gift bags to the wall and use them as organizers for storage.

👉Let us know if you like any of these ideas or are interested in a tutorial on how to make them – we will dig it up for you.


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