How do you plan?

🗓 How does your calendar look like? Is it a simple to-do list? A week or month view of more important dates and events?

🦄 Or maybe you are a little more creative with your planning?

Many people find mind mapping helpful not only to draw up and memorize their tasks and events but also to take notes, plans the entire projects, and even to make choices! Have you ever tried any visual techniques as picture planning or colour planners? 🎨

Visual techniques can be very effective and efficient, as they facilitate the organization and structure of information, making it easier to remember and understand. 😊

There are many ways to plan. There is no “one way only” because we are all different!

⤵ Do you have any creative ideas for a calendar to organize your family life? Your favourite apps or online planning tools?

💪 Let’s brainstorm!


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