How to keep your mind sharp?

How to keep your mind sharp?

It is worth exercising the mind at any age because as we know, an unused organ withers away 😉

This is especially important at an older age: we can see it in seniors who read a lot and solve crosswords. But man does not live by crosswords alone! Here are other creative ways to challenge your brain 🧠 in old age⤵

✔maintain social connections: attend a course/workshops to learn a new skill ( learning a new language boosts cognitive functioning a lot!) or to pursue a hobby in a good company;
✔consider learning to play a fancy game like Mahjong. Join a community of players;
✔do whatever it takes to feel needed: volunteer or become somebody’s mentor;
✔start a diary;
✔do not stay behind modern technology: stay up to date using your computer, smartphones 💻 📱/This can help you implement all of the above ideas online, especially if you have limited mobility;
✔If you have grandchildren, spend as much time with them as possible. They will teach you new words and new activities!

👉First of all: don’t get stereotyped! There are many negative stereotypes about ageing and memory, but the truth is that some people tend to forget and confuse things at any age, whereas some seniors could be envied for their sharpness of mind! 💪🔥

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