How to make your children more curious?

How to make your children more curious? 🧐 I mean, children are usually curious enough, but the trick is to steer them in good directions. Nowadays, it’s so easy to sink into screens📱 more and more and forget about the outside world.

Here are a few great ways to awake your kids’ natural curiosity:

🏞️Show them the world around them as much as you possibly can. Go to a forest, to the lake, talk to them about nature, animals and show them how bugs crawl and plants grow.
🌟 Go stargazing and talk about the cosmos.
🧪 Make some chemical experiments at home. Show your kids how cool science can be.
🇬🇧 Visit places that are culturally diverse and talk about how different people can be and how wonderful that is.
🌄 Let them be kids, play outside as much as possible, get dirty and explore the neighborhood.

Any other creative ideas? 💭

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