Must-see in Switzerland

What is most valued by tourists in Switzerland? πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­ Snow-capped peaks of the Alpes? Picturesque mountain valleys and lakes? Charming villages? Or maybe the dignified ambiance of historic cities with their architecture, monuments, and art galleries?

See our proposals of absolutely must-see destinations and let us know if you agree with them. ‡

🌐 No 1 is the Matterhorn, of course! πŸ” This pointed peak is one of the highest mountains in the Alps, and it has become an iconic element of Swiss scenery.

🌐 Lake Geneva – Europe’s biggest Alpine lake offers an astounding scenery of snowy peaks. The lake is surrounded by parks, promenades, and gardens, in the vicinity you’ll find many historic buildings as well.

🌐 Lucerne – a medieval old town with a beautiful lake, covered bridges, waterfront promenades, frescoed buildings, and charming squares. Absolutely stunning!

🌐 Lake Lugano & Ticino – located near the Italian border it has a Mediterranian climate with figs, palms, and pomegranates. It offers spectacular views and the feel of Italy through architecture and food.

🌐 Zurich – a hub of cultural treasures, especially famous for its art and museums. 🏦 πŸ›

Do you think we’ve missed something❓ Would you add or remove any of them❓


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