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I’m standing on the top of Dune 7 (Namib Desert) and playing with the sand, going effortlessly through my fingers and toes. Warm sand is dancing unapologetically in the sun like a sand rain and finding its place in my hair and clothes covering everything. 

It’s warm and windy. The journey was fun and challenging – climbing up through sand is an art. 

A few steps later, I’m on the other side of the dune and experience a complete stillness, warmth, and a vast landscape of sand. No wind available. Just sand and sun, and peace and nature. Mother Earth is opening her warm arms for me. 

Iwona – wait, what?

It’s what we all experience in life and business most of the time. It’s enough to continue walking, communicating, working, questioning, challenging, working, and enjoying the journey through strong winds and sand filling up our pockets to find ourselves on the other side – where all we see is calmness, stillness, and sun. 

And on this journey, the pinch of naivety is very needed. 

Before climbing Dune 7, I didn’t know that this is the highest dune in Namibia and apparently also in the world. I didn’t know what to expect there – I had never climbed a dune. 

So being slightly naive, very open, and trustful can be a way. 

And this applies to all of us. We don’t know things, and it’s okay just to make them happen without knowing too much. And if ever someone tells you that they know everything: just run away. They lie. 

Being prepared helps climb any mountain: both physical and metaphorical. I’m deeply grateful for the training I got in the Swiss Alps to make this happen – and as a side note: I waited a long while on the peak for others to join me. But this is not about competing against others; but about winning myself all over again. 

And yes – climbing barefoot through warm sand is just pure joy! And yes – I got sand everywhere. 

Is anyone joining me in the Swiss Alps for a hike this summer? 

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