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We sat down with Thomas Freitag before Christmas and talked about many important things (in German). His podcast is brilliant – I highly recommend checking all the episodes!

Here is a summary of our conversation with my recent reflections:
– Creativity is my superpower – me talking, and so is courage -Thomas talking. I’m not sure if we have any other choice than to be creative and courageous in this world that needs radical systemic changes in many fields…
– Creative and travel industries have suffered the most from the pandemic: think about local communities, artisans, and creators and support them while traveling. More Forbes DACH: https://lnkd.in/d6S4J3KP 
– Talking about changes: we have been talking about the global challenges for decades now and the evidence is clear, e.g., climate change, gender inequalities, poverty, injustice, etc. How about we will start implementing the (radical) solutions for them? (Just thinking out loud).

One of the questions I was asked was about the gender inequality in Switzerland and how this challenge can be solved in this very country. (Btw. It is a global challenge – just a kind reminder). I’m not sure if that is the right question for me – you know – I’m not an expert in this field. And yet, the maybe somehow radical idea came to my mind, and I believe that the policies should heavily support this (all around, not just in Switzerland). How about a law that says that each company is obliged to ensure 50/50 gender parity on all its levels. And if the companies won’t stick to the letter of the law, they need to pay much higher taxes. I can’t wait to see all the tax money from it going to NGOs, charities, social enterprises that ensure quality education for all.

Let us think about it for a moment. This situation, like other global challenges, requires radical solutions. This could be one of the creative solutions I just came up with during the interview. I’m aware that this challenge is much more complex, and this solution might seem too simplistic. And yet, this could be a good starting point. Yes. this mountain can definitely be moved.

Listen to the podcast here.

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