Are you a fan of sketchnoting? 🤔 Discover 6 reasons why you should!

Visual thinking becomes more and more popular. We use flipcharts, create mind maps and even make sketchnotes from our podcasts, videos, courses or webinars.

Is it just a trend or maybe a functional tool, worth implementing in your working environment? 🤷‍♀️

👉 Let’s check out the benefits! Sketchnoting helps you with:
🖍 organizing ideas,
🖍 understanding the concept,
🖍 developing listening and analysing skills,
🖍 improving your memory,
🖍 remembering important facts,
🖍 focusing on crucial aspects of things.

It is also known as a creative relaxation technique. And not to mention – it looks neat! 👌

And you don’t need any artistic skills to get started! Give it a try and take your notes to the next level! 📝😎


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