Summer time

Summer is a time we associate with relaxation. Beautiful weather makes us think of holiday, and focusing on work gets harder and harder.

Do you have your ways to motivate yourself to work during summer? 🏖

Here are a few ways you can try:
🌐 Set a holiday date and real goals to achieve before that date. Think of the holiday as a well-deserved reward.
🌐 Clear some time in your schedule to enjoy summer to the fullest. It will help you stay focused during the working hours and look forward to your summer activities.
🌐 Revise your work activities and take as much as you can outside.
🌐 Make time for learning something new. Invest your summer time in self-training – you will be well-prepared for the ‘hot’ fall season.
🌐 If the sun really distracts you, change working hours – enjoy the summer during the day and work in the evenings, or get up early and do your work in the morning.

💬 If you have any more great ideas on how to motivate yourself during summer, share them in the comments!


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